Shaped Brackets

Finger Packs

8mm Nest

Shaped Plates

Pressed Bucket Plate

Profiled End Plate

BA Systems Aluminium Frame

Aluminium Veg Planter

Aluminium Hopppers

Aluminium Ball Chute

Pressed Aluminium Side Plates

Timberlok Guardpost

Auger Guide

Sand Hoppers

Heavy Duty Bracing

Heavy Duty Towbar

Furness Shells

Fabricated Boxes

HD Plasma Cut Panels

HD Plasma Cut Panel – Crest

HD Plasma Cut Panel – Kingfisher

HD Plasma Cut Panel – Mill

HD Plasma Cut Panel – Butterfly

HD Plasma Cut Panel – Kingfisher

HD Plasma Cut Panel – Nature

HD Plasma Cut Panel – Factory

HD Plasma Cut Panel – Crest

HD Plasma Cut Panel – Mill

HD Plasma Cut Panel – Cart

Furnace Discharge Chute

Stainless Steel Wall Bracket


Stainless Seat Brackets

Soundproof Box

Olympic Stadium Roof Steel

Cable Carrier


Peat Bin & Cress Conveyor

Auger Guide

General Steelwork


RHS Frame Staircase

UC Frame

Platform Handrail

Soundproofing Units

Stainless Steel Hand Railing

Staircase Open Flooring


Wigan Flashes Arc

Accropode Type 2 Prototype Unit Form

Anchor Plinth Walton Bridge

Coreloc Unit Form

Column Forms

Drax PC Tunnel Unit Form

Glen Liath Travelling Tunnel Form

Sea Wall Form Scarborough

Sea Wall Form

M80 Column Forms

Seabee Unit Form

Stirling Pier Base

Stadium Anchorage Cone Forms

Typical Column Form

Windfarm Mast Base

Bridge in Norway

The project was for the manufacture of steel falsework / brackets to aid the manufacture of a concrete bridge in Norway.

Stainless Steel Water Tight Box

316 stainless steel water tight weir box for united utilities.

Blackpool Tower Replicas

2no. 1metre high replicas of blackpool tower, manufactured for the blackpool dog show.

Mild Steel Crown

A mild steel crown made for Preston council celebrating the queens jubilee.

Heysham Link Road Bridge

Fabricated and supplied for the M6 to Heysham link road bridge over the river lune.

Triangle Bottom

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